As the chemicals hit, the pictures came into focus:

He would meet her on the beach, just as the sun set. In a flood of passion, they would make love, there on the sand. And when he woke up in the morning, he wouldn’t sneak away. This would be the one, this would finally be the one.

And as they merged their lives, her belly would swell with the proof of their love. The child would be strong, and have his jawline and his eyes. He and his son would have a catch in the summer, where he would explain to him the facts of life and his son would look at him and say, “Thank you, Dad.”

And as his son grew into a man, he would visit them weekly to share tales of his exploits. And then he and his wife would kiss their son and send him back into the world, and then make love again celebrating all of the joys that life had afforded them.

And as the applause tapered off, his son would say from the podium, “I owe all of this to my parents, who sacrificed so much and taught me what real love is and how to live my life to the fullest.” And a tear would fall from his wife’s nose as she turned to him and said, “This is all because of you, you have made my life complete.”

He closed his eyes.


[word count:  242]



Did he even see the work he’s reviewing?


The seams show, yet these ass kissers won’t acknowledge, hoping to sway me with flattery.

“A triumph!”

I ache for honesty, I crave perspective, I long to be taught and tutored.

“Unbelievable! Completely unexpected!”

I followed every formula available, relied on tropes and cliches in lieu of creativity. Trashed my integrity for a quick buck.

“A failure in every way.”

Well, you don’t have to be such a dick about it.


[word count:  83]

the burrito of god

“I was getting lunch and thought you might like something too.”

From the doorway, she extended the foiled-wrapped delicacy in my direction.

“You like carnitas, right?”

I sat dumbstruck. Her form was silhouetted against the fluorescent lights in the office hallway. I had spent a lot of time looking at that form, but the law of platonic congeniality forbade entertaining thoughts of that nature too long.

I reached out. My fingers glanced the aluminum. REVELATION. FIRE FROM HEAVEN. LIGHTNING. Everything else faded into obscurity as she came into sharp focus

She smiled.

I started to write the next chapter.


[word count: 99]

small town

“Since when do you take credit cards?”

The look accompanying her response belied the slogan painted on the windows – WHERE BREAKFAST IS FRIENDLY. “A couple of years ago. Minimum is $20.”

How anyone is supposed to spend $20 when the daily special is only $4.50 escapes me. Whenever I come to town, I’m prepared with cash. People are already going to talk about my natty clothes, don’t need to give them any more ammo.

Remember, buddy, you’re only here for two days. You can do this. A final goodbye then you’ll never have to come back again.

small town, part 2


[word count:  97]

the text

“Thanks for switching seats with me. I just can’t be around her anymore tonight. It’s just too hard.” Send.

Her phone buzzes. She picks it up, looks at the text.

…and my life is ending because that wasn’t supposed to go to her but she’s the one I always text and I just went on autopilot and I love her and she won’t understand that sometimes unrequited love makes it too painful to be around…

She looks at me. I look at the table.

[word count: 84]