With her silver letter opener, she sliced the top of the envelope:

Dear Sir,
I am hoping this letter finds you well and healthy. I am writing from old country, even though we have never met I have heard much about you and your kindness and generosity. It is truly proud to have you as relation.

My mother asked me to find you and tell you of family news, since you are one of the few relations we know, even though you are distant and far from us. Sasha, your great aunt and my mother, has found illness and is in much need. Doctors here are unable to find cause, and we are losing hope. We have heard that your country has great doctors, wonderful medicine, and we asking for help.

Please can you consider bringing us to your country to find doctor that will cure. We do not want to bring discomfort or make complicated your life. After Sergey, your great uncle and my father, passed unexpectedly we have much sadness and little money. Sergey talked often of his sister, your grandmother, and how fortunate she was in new country. He loved his sister much, and we know she loved him to from letters we found after he died.

God will please bless you. Thank you for bringing more honor to our family. We eagerly attend your response.

In sincerity,
Fedor M_________


[word count: 233]



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